Pipe Robot for demanding operations

The Icarus is a robotic pipe crawler designed for working on various concentric pipes and columns both on-land and offshore. It connects to the pipe by clamping hence it can be used on any hard surface like metals, concrete and hard isolation.  No ferromagnetic surface is necessary.

The Icarus carries a circular actuator with 360o reach, which can carry various cleaning and inspection tools, including UHP and HP blasting nozzles, cameras, ultrasonic and other sensors.

The Robot`s structure opens for easy installation
Circular actuator with 360o reach and dual-tool installation

Icarus has a lightweight structure which can be adapted to various pipe sizes within the range of Ø500 – Ø900mm (pipe dimensions outside of this range might be possible on agreement)

Both the robot and the topside equipment is ATEX Zone 2 complying. The Icarus is usually assisted by industrial climbers and it is controlled by a simple handheld remote controller.

By minimizing the human factor, the Icarus is a highly efficient machine which can operate in hazardous environments with minimal maintenance.

To assist the climbers, Remotion AS developed a footrest platform which increases the safety and the efficiency of the climber team.

The Icarus is suitable for various pipe operations both on land and offshore

  • UHP & HP Cleaning and paint removal
  • Visual condition inspection by cameras
  • Wall thickness, crack inspection by sensors.


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